Welcome to Amrita - A Footcare & Wellness Centre dedicated to your comfort

Ever thought your problem could be your feet and not your shoes?

AMRITA Footcare & Wellness Centre specialises in footcare and orthotics, and this could be the solution to your troubles! Run by Caroline Morales and Zlatina Filipova, the centre also offers several beauty and wellness services in addition to footcare.

Caroline has been trained in a leading podiatry centre in Montchanin, France, which is also where the centre is equipped from with the latest technologies.
AMRITA means “the drink of immortality and wellbeing” – which is what we are inspired to give our clients, whether in the form of high quality footcare service or a relaxing and rejuvenating massage or facial given by one of our professional team members.


AMRITA specialises in foot care and offers tailor-made insoles to help eliminate pain and discomfort by re-aligning the natural posture of the foot and adding shock absorbent padding. After a foot scan and consultation with a fully qualified podiatrist, we will be able to design your insoles – which can be the solution to knee pain, lower-back pain, flat feet, bunions, and many other problems.

Our insoles can relieve pain and discomfort by correcting posture and distributing pressure points in the feet, giving more stability and support to the bones in the feet and ankles, thus alleviating problems in other parts of the body.

Take care of your feet – they can take you far if treated right!